A Leading Cybersecurity Expert

Born in Manhattan, raised in two countries, and educated in business, Alon Nachmany is truly a man of his generation. He has dedicated his life to service, and to protecting people’s lives and vital information. His feet are firmly planted on the ground, his eyes are turned to the skies, but he spends most of his days in cyberspace. He is a proud father, a cybersecurity and IT expert, and a public speaker.

Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the most recognizable companies the average citizen has ever heard of, and many have not. Alon has worked with such companies as The Carlyle Group, Citi, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Pollard Banknote Limited, Seneca College, and Yuba Water Agency just to name a few. He was responsible for implementing the security for, Operational Technology, or automated pumps of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and help build the Cyber Security Center of the Americas, in Miami, FL. Nachmany has also worked extensively with the Intelligence Community.

In April of 2020, he joined the advisory board of Suridata.ai, which enables organizations to gain visibility, and obtain control over, their sensitive data in unstructured repositories. After gaining this clear view, the organization can take actions to protect, delete or manage the access and comply with privacy regulations. Even with such an illustrious client list, and hectic schedule, Alon still tries to consider himself a father and a husband first. His Young Professional life began in physical defense as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces and then serving 6 years on the Tel-Aviv Police Force. His time in the service taught him well how to recognize a true threat and the importance of detail. While serving the Israeli Defense Forces as a Staff Sergeant, Alon received the Soldier of Excellence Award and was stationed as The Adjutancy Officer, a position primarily reserved for a Captain. During this same time, he also received his Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration (BA) from Reichman University and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

It has been said that information moves at the speed of light. To stay ahead of the industry, Alon has had to learn to be equally agile. As one would imagine, a Cybersecurity Leader like Nachmany has been aggressively recruited, and at times during his career, has had to strike out to follow new paths as he endeavors toward professional as well as personal growth. A mere three days after graduating, Alon returned home to the United States in 2010, he found himself as the Director of Technology and Special Projects for eXpertiviity Mortgage Solutions. Revamping all the technology systems. By the summer of 2011, he was already being tapped by various internet startup companies. The first of which was for a company called Burstream, which provided Ultra-Low-Latency information to High-Frequency Stock Traders. The company’s business model was unfortunately flawed but Alon’s work there was data, not profit. As Vice President of Technologies, he was responsible for the build-out of all of the corporation’s systems at the Financial Market’s data centers Like Nasdaq and CME as well as others. This wouldn’t be his foray into the financial world though, Alon’s next position would find him with a firm called FXCM which was a market maker in the Foreign-Exchange Market. More importantly though, during his time with FXCM Nachmany became a member of Tel-Aviv University’s Alumni Board and held the position of Chairman of the Alumni Board of the Americas from 2013-2015.

It was also during this time that he would move away from the financial industry, and work for another innovator in the internet world. WeWork. He was employee number 200, the Director of IT, and was integral in reengineering all technologies including such well-known products as the Event Spaces. His responsibilities there also included running the Service Desk, the Engineering and A/V teams, and negotiating technology contracts with such companies as Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and Verizon just to name a few. He also had to apply his skills to negotiating with foreign ISPs and vendors. In one such interaction, his predecessor had made an unfavorable arrangement with Google and paid the contract with his personal credit card. Alon was able to negotiate a 50% savings for the company and reverse the charges to the credit card. He also served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for WeWork.

Nachmany left WeWork to seek another challenge. It was a startup called Bromium, and it was a company that created security software often utilized by the Intelligence Community. As Solution Architect, Alon was able to explore varied approaches to the issues faced in securing such information, and for such discerning clients. This experience found him supporting such companies as Visa Inc, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and JP Morgan Chase & Co., as well as several others.

Alon served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for National Securities Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC, and traded on Nasdaq (NHLD). As soon as Nachmany took the role he had to manage two breaches, while also coming up with the strategy for the coming years around cybersecurity for the company. Alon led the cybersecurity department by thinking strategically and concentrating on both short terms with scrum sprints and laying the foundation for long-term goals. In addition, Alon had to ensure that the company’s cybersecurity aligns with Legal requirements, such as SOX, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, CCPA, NY Shield, and NYS DFS Cybersecurity requirements (23 NYCRR 500).

Nachmany has once again teamed with the CEO of Bromium in his current position with AppViewX as the Field CISO. Alon helps other CISOs with larger complex issues they face. Proprietary prevents the mention of their name during his employment, but in the varied fields that these companies represent he is responsible for protecting everything encompassing home, health, and happiness. His activities have helped to secure vital health and financial data, as well as protecting some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the world of technology. He also conducts webinars and speaks publicly for the company.

Having once worked with so many financial organizations, Alon has prided himself on helping to protect something that was in everyone’s wallet, it seems that was just the beginning.